Elevating the art of culinary innovation, Gaggenau, renowned for its opulent kitchen appliances, introduces the latest gem in its crown—the 400 Series Flex Induction Cooktop. This sophisticated masterpiece seamlessly integrates an advanced ventilation system, setting a new standard for luxury and functionality in the realm of kitchen appliances.

Crafted with precision, the sleek appliance features a potent downdraft strategically positioned between two expansive cooking areas, ensuring a seamlessly odor-free frying experience. By efficiently eliminating the need to monitor air quality, this culinary marvel empowers chefs to channel their creativity and focus on crafting exquisite dishes while entertaining guests.

Aesthetic excellence meets functional mastery

Designed to captivate, the cooktop boasts a frameless, flush-fitting black glass surface, effortlessly blending into the modern kitchen landscape. The design is distinguished by its subtle yet impactful black steel control knobs, providing clear illumination during usage—an elegant touch that defines the Gaggenau experience.

Mr. Martin A Jaeger, Head of ASEAN and CEO, BSH Singapore, affirms the transformative impact of the 400 Series Flex Induction Cooktop, stating, "This seamless integration of the cooktop with an advanced ventilation system empowers home chefs to reach professional culinary heights without the added concern of managing ventilation. Gaggenau enthusiasts will appreciate its remarkable design, making it the perfect addition to any contemporary kitchen. The distinctive black control knobs add an impressive touch, embodying our commitment to culinary excellence."

The culinary arsenal

Complementing the cooktop is the Gaggenau 400 Series 76 cm Oven, a culinary powerhouse with a capacious 110 liters capacity. Offering 17 heating methods ranging from 30°C to 300°C with 5-degree increments, this oven provides unparalleled precision and control. Culinary drawers expand the creative horizons, enabling slow cooking, dough proofing, herbs and fruits drying, chocolate melting, and defrosting—unleashing a chef's full potential.

Last but not least, the Vario Cooling 200 Series Built-in Fridge-freezer, a discreet addition that effortlessly melds with the kitchen. Opening its doors bathes the viewer in warm, soft light, revealing subtle touches of light bronze in the door bins and dial, as well as the natural grain of maple bottle holders—a testament to Gaggenau's commitment to harmonizing aesthetics and functionality in the heart of the home.

For more information, visit www.gaggenau-asia.com

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