A brand that needs no introduction, V-ZUG designs products that bring simplicity to your home and inspiration to your kitchen. Armed with over 110 years of experience in luxury home appliances, it makes no compromise in quality, materials and sustainability, showcasing impeccable Swiss craftsmanship and durability.

Born in Zug, Switzerland, in 1913, V-ZUG has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of household appliances. The brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology, setting new standards for performance and design. Its journey was marked by a commitment to excellence, with each appliance telling a story of Swiss precision and attention to detail.

Its design language is simple: Build solid products with the best innovations dedicated to enhancing the lives of its customers with zero compromise in quality, materials and sustainability. Its appliances are carefully crafted to be as intuitive as possible so that they forge an emotional connection with its users.

The V-ZUG CombiCooler V6000 Supreme and the WineCooler V6000 Supreme offer unparalleled cavity size, organisation convenience and precision in storage and serving temperatures

Versatility in design
One of the standout features of V-ZUG is its ability to seamlessly integrate into just about any interior concept. The brand recognises that a home is a personal canvas and appliances should not only be functional but also complement the aesthetics of the living space.
To achieve this harmony, V-ZUG offers a diverse range of colours and finishes for its kitchen appliances. Designed to be a statement piece in any kitchen, the brand’s most powerful intelligent oven from the award-winning Excellence Line, the Combair V6000 comes in three glossy hues — pearl, platinum and black — which complement just about any kitchen design.

Perfect for any interior style from minimalist to maximalist, the Excellence Line appliances are based on a streamlined, uncluttered concept with flat panels that integrate seamlessly into any kitchen. All the design elements are harmonised across all of the brand’s offerings, which means that you can combine ovens, steam cookers, coffee centres and wine coolers in any permutation.

One helpful tip to make your appliances blend better into the concept of your interiors would be to conceal them within the carpentry. For example, V-ZUG’s dishwashers and refrigerators — which already come in various adaptable shades — can be discreetly hidden behind the kitchen cupboards, if you so wish.

It makes opening them a fun surprise as you view the product’s glorious interiors. Its latest range of CombiCooler refrigerators look just as good inside as they do on the outside. The new interior features impressive chrome-finished shelf trims, a black operating panel, convenient shelf runners and high-quality smoke-tinted containers. Energy-saving LED lighting ensures optimal illumination and visibility inside the transparent compartments.

The CombiCooktop V4000 offers powerful induction cooking. It comes with an integrated downdraft extractor and is equipped with zone flex technology that automatically recognises the size and position of the cookware to form a bridge

Colourful integration
Although V-ZUG’s appliances reflect a minimalist design philosophy, the brand stays committed to adapting to the ever-changing needs and preferences of its customers. Their streamlined design offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of design themes and elevate the visual appeal of any space.

“V-ZUG’s versatility is a crucial selling point and enables them to complement various design themes, making them suitable for a wide range of kitchen styles and configurations,” says Jeremy Tay interior designer and director of Prestige Global Design.

Hilary Loh, director of 2nd Edition

He adds: “By pairing V-ZUG appliances with a neutral colour scheme, minimalist cabinetry, and clean lines, the appliances can stand out and create a highly refined and sophisticated atmosphere. Conversely, if the kitchen is designed in a classical theme, the sleek-looking appliances can add a modern touch to the space without competing with other elements.”

If you wish to enliven your home with vibrant hues, it is better to consider your appliances first and incorporate them into the overall colour scheme. This approach allows for a cohesive, personalised space reflecting the client’s taste and style.
For those seeking advice on integrating V-ZUG into a colourful home, consider using the appliances as accent pieces, Tay suggests: “One way to optimise the layout of the kitchen or other spaces while showcasing V-ZUG appliances and maintaining a colourful style, is by creating a focal point. This can be achieved by placing the appliances in a prominent location, such as on a kitchen island or a dedicated appliance wall.”

Hilary Loh, director of 2nd Edition, expresses a similar sentiment. “By showcasing V-ZUG as a collection of beautiful objects, you can create a blank space between appliances and colourful interior elements.”

Michael Ong (left) and Jeremy Tay (right) from Prestige Global Designs

Her advice is to create contradiction and contrast to bring out the beauty of the appliances. “Strong veins and bold-coloured marble countertops and backsplashes, paired with matte surface cabinetry, help to highlight the minimalist aesthetic and glossy appearance of the appliances,” says Loh.

When it comes to furniture, V-ZUG can work with virtually anything as long as the theme is anchored. If you’re not a fan of contemporary, Loh suggests sourcing for more mid-century modern furniture which has an easy retro vibe, while Tay suggests some stylish chairs with an eclectic feel to personalise the look.

To further enhance the colourful style, accent lighting can be used strategically to highlight the textures and colours of the materials used in the kitchen, while also drawing attention to the sleek design of V-ZUG appliances. “Under-cabinet lighting can illuminate the countertop and backsplash while creating a warm and inviting glow. Additionally, pendant lighting above a kitchen island or dining table can add a pop of colour and make a focal point that complements the V-ZUG appliances,” says Tay.

Of course, the finishing touches to creating a synergistic look that gels the overall look together are the personal touches; decorative elements such as artwork, plants or decorative bowls, that add character and style without taking up too much space. “Go for an oversized artwork in a vibrant colour or a gallery wall with multiple pictures, they become a focal point of the room,” says Loh.

Additionally, choosing a colour palette that compliments the personal items and unique pieces can help tie everything together and create a cohesive look. “By being mindful of personal items’ size, placement and colour, it’s possible to integrate them into the design without overwhelming the space,’’ advises Tay.

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