Objets Nomades

Louis Vuitton's Art of Living collection brings to life the Maison's innovative spirit, boundless creativity and unparalleled savoir-faire.


Quetzal by Atelier Oi is a decorative mobile, offering an elegant representation of the concept of flight with its striking plumage of vivid leather feathers.

Raw Edges introduces the sculptural and delightfully imposing Binda Armchair that is inspired by the curved lines of a tennis ball. This piece is accentuated by vibrant leather-covered exteriors and plush velvet seats.

Atelier Biagetti presents the Flower Tower lamp, a transparent column adorned with 15 flower-shaped glass bubbles. This design, inspired by Louis Vuitton's iconic Monogram, creates an illusion of floating when illuminated.

New Trunk Novelties

The Maison's exceptional heritage and craftsmanship in trunk-making, enriched with a contemporary and tailored approach, take centre stage with the unveiling of new trunks.

The High Tea Trunk houses a tea service for six, complete with porcelain teapots and teacups, perfect for indulging in the ritual of high tea.

The Secret Box, influenced by the Chinese DUO Bao He, reveals an enchanting interior with rotating compartments when opened, adding a playful touch to its elegant exterior.

Pharrell Williams lends his creative vision to the Hardsided pieces with a unique design that can be seen on the Courrier Lozine Damoflage, Coffret 8 Montres Damoflage (pictured), and Wallet Trunk Damoflage, creating a captivating fusion of art and functionality.


The Ping Pong Table elevates sporting equipment to new levels of elegance, paying homage to Louis Vuitton's esteemed trunk-making expertise.

For golf professionals and enthusiasts alike, a brand-new golf trunk has been meticulously designed, featuring tailored details to accommodate a complete set of golf gear. This trunk includes specialised compartments for golf balls and clubs, highlighted by a transparent Perspex monogram drawer.

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