SINGAPORE (Nov 21): GIC has appointed Lim Chow Kiat as its new chief executive officer with effect from January. Lim is GIC’s current deputy group president and group chief investment officer.

GIC’s current group president Lim Siong Guan retires from his position at the same time, and will be appointed as advisor to the GIC group executive committee from January as well.

Other new appointments include Jeffrey Jaensubhakij, who will take over the role of group chief investment officer and relinquish his role as the deputy group chief investment officer and president of public market.

Lim Kee Chong will be appointed president of the Americas, while concurrently holding his positions as deputy group chief investment officer and director of the integrated solutions group.

Tay Lim Hock will be appointed deputy group chief investment officer and the president for Europe, while concurrently holding the position as the advisor to private equity & infrastructure. Tay will then relinquish his current role as president to private equity & infrastructure.

Goh Kok Huat will continue as chief operating officer and advisor for real estate, but will relinquish his current role as president for real estate.

Furthermore GIC added that the investment functions and responsibilities of Jaensubhakij, Tay, and Goh Kok Huat, as President of Public Markets, President of Private Equity & Infrastructure, and President of Real Estate respectively, would be taken over by five chief investment officers; Bryan Yeo King Ming for Public Equities; Liew Tzu Mi for Fixed Income; Choo Yong Cheen for Private Equity; Ang Eng Seng for Infrastructure; and Lee Kok Sun for Real Estate.

To that end, the titles "President of Public Markets", "President of Private Equity & Infrastructure", and "President of Real Estate" would no longer be in use.