Here are some ways organisations in Asia Pacific are transforming their processes to future-proof themselves in the new digital reality:

SLNG leverages SAP to catalyse new possibilities in energy transitionSingapore LNG Corporation
Photo: Singapore LNG Corporation

Singapore LNG Corporation (SLNG) is using solutions from tech giant SAP to support its data-driven transformation and catalyse new possibilities in the energy transition.

Previously, SLNG stored data in separate finance, HR, procurement and maintenance systems. Frequent disruptions in data interfaces often led to data discrepancies and the need for manual reconciliations.

To overcome this, SLNG is now using SAP S/4HANA Cloud to connect data at the source, making data available in real-time for business planning. Other SAP solutions implemented include Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) for workflow automation, SAP Intelligent Asset Management for asset reliability management, SAP Ariba to digitise procurement, SAP SuccessFactors and Concur for core HR processes and employee claims, and Qualtrics for employee experience management. SLNG has also been using SAP Finance for financial management and reporting since 2012.

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By optimising its business processes with SAP, SLNG is now in a better position to meet and exceed its Energy Security mandate, facilitate the growth of Singapore as a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) hub, and explore the adoption of newer and more sustainable energy sources.

“With SAP S/4HANA Cloud, we have an integrated platform that gives us a single source of truth for more effective and accurate data analysis,” says Chong Nai Min, vice president (Information Technology) at SLNG.

He continues: “The integrated platform also enables greater productivity through enhanced automation and embedded analytics, scalability to support future business growth, as well as reliability by reducing data discrepancies across multiple systems. The real-time insights gained allow us to be more agile and competitive as we respond to market demands and new opportunities in LNG and beyond.”

SLNG is a critical part of Singapore’s energy story, playing a key role as one of the four Switches of Singapore’s Energy Future, identified by the Energy Market Authority.

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With more than 95% of its electricity generated from natural gas, SLNG helps strengthen the country’s energy security by enabling LNG to be imported from anywhere in the world and ensuring undisrupted send-out of re-gasified LNG for power generation. In pursuing its vision to Catalyse New Possibilities in the Energy Transition, SLNG is also continuously exploring new opportunities in LNG and other sustainable energy sources.

WOK HEY reimagines the takeout journey with Adyen
Photo: WOK HEY

Food and beverage (F&B) operator WOK HEY has integrated Adyen’s online payment solution into its mobile ordering platform, enabling customers to place, pay and track their orders seamlessly and remotely through their mobile devices.

Customers can now order and pay ahead at their outlet of choice or scan a QR code found at any WOK HEY outlet to place and pay for their orders. This reduces queues at the storefront and allows customers to better plan their time as they will be notified via SMS when their orders are ready for pickup.

The new mobile ordering platform has also improved back-end operational efficiencies and productivity for WOK HEY, as outlet staff can better focus on order preparation, resulting in faster turnaround for each customised order.

Since launching in May 2021, the mobile ordering platform’s take-up rate has grown by up to 30% every month.

“When we rolled out our mobile platform, we understood customers were creatures of habit and expected initial resistance. However, we believe offering a convenient, secure and more seamless system will win them over. We deployed service ambassadors to help customers through the ordering flow, and made gradual improvements based on customer feedback, such as integrating SMS notifications. Customers are starting to see the value this new system brings, and the take-up rate has been increasing each month,” says Jake Chia, co-founder of WOK HEY.

He adds: “Adyen’s payment solution gave us the ability to easily integrate e-wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, along with Visa and Mastercard, and room to add more. The shorter payout period was also an added bonus. This opens up possibilities for rolling out loyalty and other personalised programmes in the future.”

Bank Rakyat Indonesia works with ExtraHop to strengthen its cybersecurity posture

Photo: Unsplash

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) has turned to network detection and response solutions provider ExtraHop to secure its critical banking operations and data for its growing customer base.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides complete east-west visibility, real-time threat detection inside the perimeter, and intelligent response at scale to help organisations stay ahead of a new class of advanced threats like supply chain attacks and zero days. It does so by using artificial intelligence (AI) and behavioural analytics, as well as line-rate decryption of the most commonly exploited protocols.

With ExtraHop Reveal(x), BRI’s IT team can better detect security threats and easily prioritise what requires immediate action. The dashboard access management and customisation will also facilitate the IT security team’s ability to deliver up-to-date reports to senior executive management.

“ExtraHop Reveal(x) will further our goal of delivering a secure environment built on industry standards and leading-edge technology that will both reinforce public trust and support our business goals. Its feature-rich functionality, simple user interface, and its vast detection and monitoring capabilities give our team an edge against even the most advanced threats,” says Muharto, BRI’s information security senior vice-president.

MindNation uses Qualtrics CoreXM to help improve workplace mental health
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Photo: Unsplash

MindNation is working with experience management solutions provider Qualtrics to continually improve its mental health and well-being programmes for employers in Southeast Asia and beyond.

MindNation uses Qualtrics CoreXM to capture and rapidly analyse feedback from employees at each of the organisations it serves, such as how they rate their mental well-being and the challenges they are facing.

Informed by the insights collected — which can be segmented by multiple groups across the workforce – MindNation creates tailored, bespoke programmes designed to address mental health challenges. Employers can also be automatically alerted in real-time of any at-risk employees requiring urgent attention and support.

“To positively impact the mental health and well-being of their team members, it’s critical employers are proactive when it comes to identifying and addressing such challenges. Using Qualtrics, MindNation can quickly develop a deep understanding of the situation at each of the organisations we support — as well as more broadly — to help design and deliver meaningful programmes that help improve and manage people’s mental health,” says Piril Yagli, chief insights & analytics officer at MindNation.

Main photo: Unsplash