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Levelling up with cloud and artificial intelligence

Nurdianah Md Nur
Nurdianah Md Nur • 5 min read
Levelling up with cloud and artificial intelligence
Using cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to take services to the next level. Photo: Unsplash
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Here are some organisations that are using cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to take their service to the next level:

Yogyakarta City Government accelerates its digital transformation with Nutanix

Photo: Unsplash

Yogyakarta City Communication, Informatics and Encryption Office (Diskominfosan) recently integrated 229 government applications onto the Jogja Smart Service (JSS) platform using the Nutanix Cloud Platform. This improved the delivery and transparency of public services for more than 217,000 JSS users.

Diskominfosan adopted a DevOps model using Microservices and Kubernetes on the Nutanix Kubernetes Engine to further Yogyakarta City Government’s digital transformation journey. This eliminated silos between teams, shortening the application response time to under five seconds.

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Implementing Nutanix also led to an 80% reduction in IT man-hours and a 50% decrease in overall IT operating costs. With most systems now automated, the team can allocate their time and resources more effectively. Furthermore, Nutanix helps ensure JSS information and services are available round the clock, even during peak use periods, without concerns about infrastructure reliability.

“The Nutanix platform provides scalability and efficiency for our overall plan and blueprint. The hope is that the JSS application and the Yogyakarta City Smart City programme can become an example for implementing e-government aligned with regulations. The speed and flexibility of Nutanix’s technology will also greatly assist the formation of the city’s digital ecosystem, which can encourage the realisation of a digital economy,” says Ignatius Trihastono, S, Sos., M.M., head of the Yogyakarta City Communication Informatics and Encryption Office.

Before partnering with Nutanix, Diskominfosan encountered numerous challenges due to the fragmentation of IT systems and the complexity of managing large data sets across physical servers.

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Nutanix provided the optimal solution by offering a hyper-converged infrastructure solution that simplified operations, enhanced agility, and enabled faster application development through DevOps practices.

Diskominfosan also plans to deploy other Nutanix solutions, such as Nutanix Files Storage, that will enhance the governance of centralised data security and resilience in the future.

Allo Bank uses Tencent Cloud to deliver reliable and secure services

Photo: Allo Bank

Indonesia’s Allo Bank partners with Tencent Cloud to provide the underbanked with reliable and secure financial services.

The bank efficiently manages large amounts of data using Tencent Cloud’s TDSQL, a powerful database management system. TDSQL’s optimised thread pool scheduling ensures excellent performance even under heavy loads, which is essential for handling Allo Bank’s high transaction volume.

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TDSQL provides high availability (up to 99.99%) and data reliability (up to 99.99999%) for Allo Bank, ensuring constant data availability and security. Its compatibility with MySQL protocols allows seamless integration with existing systems. TDSQL’s horizontal scaling capability enables expansion without downtime, while its powerful computing and storage resources enable processing of up to 100,000 daily transactions.

TDSQL leverages public cloud capabilities like cloud hosting, reducing the distribution costs of Allo Bank’s app download. It also provides app reinforcement and environment security protection solutions that detect risks on the bank’s app.

“Thanks to our valuable collaboration with Tencent Cloud, Allo Bank has been given a large boost in achieving its goals of managing vast amounts of data, handling high-frequency transactions, ensuring online security, and managing risk control — to provide a revolutionary service to all digital banking users in Indonesia. We foresee an even more fruitful future with Tencent Cloud as we set up plans to utilise more of their high-quality and highly reliable technology,” says Indra Utoyo, president director and CEO at Allo Bank.

Using AI to detect colon-related cancer better

Photo: ASUS

Doctors from five medical facilities in Taiwan can now detect colon-related cancers more accurately with the ASUS EndoAim AI Endoscopy System. The medical facilities include the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital, the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Hospital, Dianthus Medical Group, Dr Lee Clinic and Ansn Clinic.

EndoAim feeds video data from the colonoscopy camera through an ASUS mini personal computer (PC) running on an 11th Gen Intel Core processor and outputs the result at a smooth 60 frames per second. It tags suspected polyps and other abnormalities on the screen by bracketing them in green, and immediately classifies the polyps, saving medical staff the guesswork.

EndoAim can bracket up to 50 polyps in real-time, with up to 95% sensitivity. It can also classify polyps with up to 95% AUC (a type of performance measurement in machine learning models).

Considering the space constraints in hospital procedure rooms, ASUS designed EndoAim to be about as large as the palm of your hand. The system also does not require additional hardware beyond plugging the mini PC into the scope’s camera.

“Our goal is to showcase the effectiveness of EndoAim in Taiwan and emphasise how AI can truly assist physicians. Ultimately, we aim to help doctors increase the polyp detection rate during scope-related procedures and make accurate evaluations that avoid unnecessary tissue biopsies,” says April Yang, project manager of EndoAim at ASUS.

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