Clearbridge partners Australia's Genome.One for personal health genomics programme

Clearbridge partners Australia's Genome.One for personal health genomics programme

Michelle Zhu
26/06/18, 06:17 pm

SINGAPORE (June 26): Clearbridge Health (CBH) is partnering Australia-based health information company Genome.One, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Garvan Institute of Medical Research, to offer its patients genomic testing and analysis with the latter’s Genome.One GoExplore personal health genomics programme.

The programme sequences and analyses individual DNA samples assess their risk of developing 52 hereditary conditions, including 31 cancers, 13 heart conditions, as well as several other conditions where monitoring or intervention can be of benefit.

The test will also determine patients’ likely response to over 220 different types of medication.

Under the partnership, Clearbridge clinicians will refer patients in Singapore and Hong Kong to the programme.

On the other hand, Genome.One’s genetic health professionals will provide pre- and post-testing support to these individuals via telehealth consultations, with interpreters and different language reports also available for non-English speaking patients.

In a Tuesday release, Clearbridge says its partnership with Genome.One is strongly in line with the group’s focus on the delivery of clinical-grade precision medicine by enabling healthcare professionals to gain better insights into management of hereditary conditions.

This is a ground-breaking test that will allow patients to understand their risk level in terms of hereditary conditions by analysing one’s unique genomic information and how the human body will react to a host of different medications, we are then able to provide customised and targeted preventive treatments for our patients,” comments Jeremy Yee, executive director and CEO of Clearbridge, on the Genome.One GoExplore programme.

“This partnership reinforces our commitment as a leading precision healthcare provider, to offer individualised and holistic solutions for future healthcare management,” he adds.

Shares in Clearbridge closed 1.4% higher at 36 cents on Tuesday.

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