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SINGAPORE (July 3): Doing it for the kids

Magical pairs

Luxury French perfumer Henry Jacques completes the Les Toupies trilogy of exemplary scents with the final set of his and her fragrances, Galileo and Fanfan 

SINGAPORE (July 3): Every release from luxury French perfumer Henry Jacques represents the quintessence of the maison’s approach to the art — such rare and delicate scents need to be treated with the greatest care, and are presented in containers that match their beauty. That is why, since its inception, Henry Jacques has been on a quest for flacons worthy of holding the precious fragrances.

Fight to Fatherhood

Playwright and writer James Thoo had always wanted to be a father. His own complex relationship with his nononsense, tough-love father made him more determined to have children. But when James was diagnosed with low sperm motility, any prospect of having children seemed dashed — until he and his wife, Alicia, decided on in-vitro fertilisation, or IVF. He shares their journey to parenthood in his new book, Palooka: Twelve Rounds to Fatherhood, an intimate, honest and humorous take on trying to do one of most fundamental things expected of a man: to sire a child. 

Well Timed

SINGAPORE (July 3): Deep blue enamelled masterpiece

Eat Your Greens

More vitamin K and a good night’s sleep might make you feel better the next day

SINGAPORE (July 3): New US research has found that a good intake of vitamin K, which is found in leafy greens and vegetable oils, could help reduce the risk of death as we age. Led by researchers at Tufts University and Tufts Medical Center, the new meta-analysis looked at 3,891 American adults aged 54 to 76, who were all free of heart disease at the start of the study.

Delicate, fresh fish en papillote

SINGAPORE (July 3): Even as restaurants and eateries reopen for dine-in in Phase 2, there is still something special about a simple home-cooked meal. This week, we bring to you a delicious fish en papillote dish from Mag’s Wine Kitchen, which pairs perfectly with a glass of Cesari Pinot Grigio. This classic dish, whose name simply means ‘to cook a whole fish in paper’, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser

Reopening Borders

Countries are opening up to tourists again… but travellers have to adhere to guidelines to curb Covid-19 

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SINGAPORE (June 26): Die-hard Disney  fan

Lego has created the world’s favourite couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as a construction set that comes with recognisable original outfits along with a range of accessories to pose with, including a retro camera, a guitar and a photo album complete with pictures of the iconic duo’s adventures through the years. In total there are 1,739 pieces for you to assemble.

Streetwear meets luxe

SINGAPORE (June 26): In fashion this week, Matthew Williams takes over Givenchy and cashmere production hit by border spats. 

The American streetwear designer Matthew M. Williams was named on June 22 as the new head of aristocratic French fashion house Givenchy. The 34-year-old creator is the second US streetwear star to be given the reins of a major French luxury label, following his friend Virgil Abloh, who designs Louis Vuitton menswear.

Lustrous but a tad long

SINGAPORE (June 26): The final volume of Hilary Mantel’s fictional series on Thomas Cromwell has solid prose that resurrects past events, giving them a force that envelops readers

If you flip to the final pages of The Mirror & the Light to follow Thomas Cromwell to the scaffold, then start from the first of its 754 pages and inch towards it again, it will not dilute Hilary Mantel’s intense portrayal of the last four years of his life.

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