SINGAPORE (July 4): Three in five (57%) of job applicants in Singapore would not apply for a position at a company if no information about its reputation as an employer was available online, finds a recent survey conducted by job site Indeed.

Out of the 501 local jobseekers surveyed in April 2018, 54% said they would automatically distrust a company if there was no information about it online, while another 52% said online company reviews by both current and former employers were one of the most important factors when deciding whether to apply for a role.

Aside from the importance of employer reputation, the study also finds a need for companies to be proactive in engaging passive talent and responding to reviews.

This is because nearly half (48%) of workers surveyed said their perception of an employer would become “somewhat more positive” if the that employer responds to a negative review online, while 84% think it’s important to have access to current or up-to-date information about a company.

Overall, Indeed says its study findings highlight the importance of transparency for jobs in an increasingly competitive recruitment landscape.

According to the job site, businesses that don’t build and showcase strong employer brands online risk losing talent to other companies – and this involves sharing engaging narratives surrounding their company values and purpose.  

Doing so would also help to attract candidates with an outlook that is in line with their organisational DNA, reducing employee turnover in the long run, it adds.

“Jobseekers are keen on finding out what it’s like to work for a company before they even apply for the position and are utilising online channels such as social media platforms and peer reviews to do so. To stay ahead of the curve, companies must find ways to present their brand’s story and personality with panache,” says Paul Wolfe, Senior Vice-President of Human Resources at Indeed.