SINGAPORE (Aug 6): Singapore is seeing a talent shortage issue, as more than 56% of employers in the country are struggling to fill open positions, the highest rate in 10 years, according to research from ManpowerGroup Solutions, a company part of ManpowerGroup.

The research titled Siri, Find Me a New Job. Why Employers Should Adopt a High-Touch/High-Tech Approach to the Job Search surveyed more than 750 individuals aged 18-65 in Singapore.

Globally, talent shortages have reached a 12-year high, with 45% of employers are struggling to fill open positions.

Hence, skilled workers now are in the driver’s seat, while employers are struggling to find way to attract candidates.

Linda Teo, Country Manager of ManpowerGroup Singapore says, "We asked what candidates want from their job search and they told us they expect to find a job in the same way they consume other services, with a personalised, yet tech-centred approach.”

Technology can provide jobseekers a better experience, but provided that it is tailored to candidates and combined with an in-person approach, says ManpowerGroup Solutions.

Currently, the top HR technology used by jobseekers in Singapore include social media ads (30%), smartphone apps (24%) and texting with a company (15%).

The research also found that 73% of early HR tech adopters have clicked on social media ads in Singapore, as compared to 30% of average candidates.

This means that even passive candidates can be enticed to click on targeted job advertisements even when they might not be actively searching for a new job.

“Singapore has one of the highest social media penetration rates globally. With every mobile device being either 3G or 4G enabled, Singapore presents opportunities for employers to use digital platforms to engage and enhance the job search experience for potential candidates, especially young adults who are increasingly using their smartphones to complete transactions,” says Teo.

HR technology is not just popular in Singapore, but also with candidates in the rest of the Asia Pacific region, especially in Malaysia and India, with both countries using HR technology above global average levels.

A lot of the “best organisations” have been using predictive algorithms to serve a user ads based on browsing history and articles read. This personalisation can lead to greater efficiency and accuracy.

The report also showed that 19% of candidates in Singapore have chosen in-person interviews as their top choice of interaction with a new employer. And when culture and purpose are key priorities for candidates in choosing their next role, the face-to-face meeting is as valuable as ever.

"People are searching for jobs on multiple channels. To attract the very best candidates, employers should use algorithms and contextual re-targeting, which means using a candidate’s browsing history and correlating this to career interests. A customised strategy is the only way to go, blending great technology and great personal experiences. This is what creates a stand out candidate experience,” adds Teo.