SINGAPORE (Nov 20): One in two or about 53% of job seekers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia say that they develop a negative impression of the prospective employer if the hiring process takes longer than expected, according to Randstad Candidate Expectations Survey 2017.

The survey also reported that job seekers tend to prioritise an efficient hiring process as compared to other factors such as the company’s reputation and workplace environment.

In addition, 89% of job seekers were more likely to turn down a job offer if the process takes more than four weeks across the three countries.

The important elements to at least one-third of job seekers during the recruitment process include communication levels, degree of personal interaction and the recruiter or hiring manager.

Meanwhile, workplace environment, online presence and use of innovative, emerging technologies rank bottom three in considerations that impact a job seeker’s experience.

Michael Smith, managing director for Randstad Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia says, “Job seekers prioritise their own career development during the search process. As such, employers should adopt a needs-based approach towards recruitment by placing the job seekers’ career objectives and goals first.”