Attaining financial freedom is something most – if not all – of us aspire to work towards.

With the economic uncertainties brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the increasing volatility in the global financial markets, it is now more important than ever to find a solid support team in a trustworthy establishment like DBS Bank, to help with your wealth management needs.

As a Private Bank client, here are some of the exclusive services and benefits you would have access to.

A world of privileges

Once you’ve signed up to become a DBS Private Bank client, you will gain complete access to the best as DBS Private Bank offers you limitless possibilities.

Think preferential rates and priority banking services, as well as the ability to conduct all your banking needs in the comfort of any of DBS’s Private Bank Centres as well as DBS Treasures Centres in Singapore and Hong Kong. Should you require to make a transaction instantly, the bank’s dedicated Wealth Management hotline is on hand 24/7.

More importantly, when it comes to an institution you can trust, DBS Bank, which is named the “World’s Best Bank” Global Finance magazine in October 2020, and the “Safest Bank in Asia” for the 12th year running, offers your assets safety and security in spades.

The bank’s AA- and Aa1 ratings mean that it is in good financial shape and is highly unlikely to default on your funds, which is important especially during uncertain times like these.

Tailored solutions

Everyone’s wealth management journey is unique, with different starting points and objectives.

This means that there is no one-size-fits-all plan that’ll fit every investor perfectly.

Instead, at DBS Private Bank, you will be assigned to a dedicated Relationship Manager, along with specialists from the bank’s Wealth Management team to work on tailored solutions that include a personalised advisory process as well as smart investment strategies that are uniquely drawn up for you based on your life needs and goals.

There is also growing appreciation for well-structured, comprehensive trust planning against the current economic backdrop. Given the scale of assets and often-complex family structures, planning requires in-depth conversations with multiple stakeholders across generations.

At DBS Private Bank, this is how a condensed process would look like for you:

  • You, or your family office’s chief financial officer (CFO) and chief operating officer (COO) will meet the bank’s advisor to go through your family’s balance sheet. During the meeting, you will also go over the current operational and governance challenges if any.
  • Next, the team from the Chief Investment Office (CIO) will go through your portfolio with you to understand how it is allocated and risk exposures.
  • Finally, there will be conversations among you and other stakeholders on other issues such as aspirations, legacy succession or philanthropy.
A wealth of insights and research

To help clients navigate the road ahead in these uncertain times, DBS Private Bank provides a resilient solution to help you manage your wealth: DBS Private Bank’s flagship investment portfolio – the DBS Chief Investment Office (CIO) Barbell Strategy Portfolio. Designed to capitalise on long-term, irreversible growth trends while mitigating short-term volatility through income-generating assets, the portfolio’s two-pronged strategy has become especially relevant today as uncertainties persist. 

“A fast-changing world from digitalisation calls for a new approach to investing. Capitalise on the Barbell approach to ride on the winners of this brave new world. With traditional business models being disrupted, the champions of this era will undoubtedly be the innovators, disruptors, enablers, and adapters,” says DBS’s Chief Investment Officer, Hou Wey Fook

Through the CIO, you will also receive up-to-date insights and analyses on the current trends that are driving global financial markets, as well as daily updates through the bank’s in-house publications such as Wealth Dailies and CIO Insights.

Round-the-clock access

Time and tide wait for no man, neither do opportunities.

With DBS Private Bank’s comprehensive digital suite of tools and insights, you’ll be able to seize opportunities to act on your portfolio anytime, anywhere.

Some of our tools include:

  • Enabling you to monitor and manage your portfolios on the go with the bank’s DBS iWealth app that offers over 150 nifty features.
  • Of the 150 features, you will find a clear breakdown that charts your portfolio asset movements, holdings, transactions, allocations and analyses, as well as personalised research and insights based on your investment portfolio.
  • Through the app, you’ll also be able to invest and trade globally in 12 currencies across seven markets and receive foreign exchange (FX) alerts to maximise your currency holdings.
All these will not only help you make smarter and clearer decisions, they will also enable to you to act on opportunities in a timely manner.

Never one to rest on its laurels, the bank is continuously working on tools to best serve its customers’ needs.

For instance, it recently launched its Portfolio Advisory Enablement Tool (PAET) earlier in 2020 to consolidate client holdings and perform in-depth assessments around risk appetite, exposure and asset allocation.

The tool, which is the first-of-its-kind in Asia, is able to swiftly perform in-depth assessments of a client’s portfolio performance and risk exposures, to ultimately produce richer insights focused on clients’ needs; it can benchmark the client’s investments against his or her risk appetite and aims, provide portfolio and market performance reads, and show full risk exposures and asset allocation.


Planning for the future

Once you’ve settled on a goal to work towards to, you’ll want to plan for long-term, especially if you’ve got a family or are intending to form one.

DBS Private Bank conducts lifetime and legacy plans for your family and ensures that your assets are protected and maximised.

Services here include succession planning or setting up a family office, which ensures your next generation and the generations after are well-taken care of.

Philanthropy is also another aspect you can consider with your investments by making decisions that make measurable social impact instead of focusing on just financial returns.

Should you have property or family living abroad, DBS Private Bank covers your wealth through services such as tax and liquidity planning that deals with issues such as tax implications.

Want to know what it’s like to be a DBS Private Bank client? Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to experience what it means to have access to the best insights.

As a DBS Private Bank client, you will be invited to exclusive virtual events such as investment and market insights webinars, ensuring that you can continue to access financial and market updates to grow your wealth, all from the comforts of your home.

From now till January 4, 2021, we are cordially inviting you to join DBS’s 1st Half 2021 Market Outlook webinar to listen to more in-depth insights by the bank’s Chief Investment Office, Mr Hou Wey Fook.

Simply indicate your interest here to receive more details and find out more information on how DBS Private Bank can help you manage your wealth.