Let’s be honest: managing wealth is hard.

The more you have, the harder your decisions become. Once your net worth starts to enter into the hundreds and thousands, what becomes more precious is your time.

Faced with thousands of micro decisions a day, it is easy for someone to get decision fatigue – which can lead to poor choices and lost opportunities. 

Which begets the question: how can one streamline that process to be as efficient as possible?

That’s where DBS Treasures comes in – with a combination of their DBS iWealth app, Wealth Management Account, DBS Multiplier Account, DBS NAV Planner and personalised research and insights.

DBS iWealth app – a nifty digital solution from your phone

DBS Treasures’ one-stop wealth management platform, the DBS iWealth App, offers a full suite of tools that help you manage your wealth and diversify your portfolio in the best way possible.

In the age of information, the ability to see your entire investment portfolio value, track profits, losses, transactions, mortgages and market movements should not be understated. After all, when an opportunity arises, the last thing you need is to fumble between accounts and remember long-lost passwords.

There are also a wealth of options when it comes to investments. You can trade equities, forex, funds, as well as over 500 investments across various markets.

Should you be looking at investing in funds such as global high-yield portfolios and China bond funds , foreign equities, DBS iWealth offers online trading for securities listed in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK and the US.

Prefer to focus on forex? You can buy and sell in nine currencies, namely: the Australian and Canadian dollars, Chinese yuan, Euro, British pound, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, as well as US and Singapore dollars.

What’s also worth a mention is that the FX spreads are not just competitive – the DBS iWealth app can also alert you to good FX deals, should they arise.

For instance, if you’ve been trading a lot on the US market, the app will notify you of the forex rates when they’re in your favour, and vice versa.

Get bespoke insights and research

Through the DBS iWealth platform, you will receive personalised market research and insights from the bank’s Chief Investment Office (CIO) that are suitable for your portfolio. As a DBS Treasures client, you can:

  • View DBS’s latest global equity ideas
  • Monitor DBS Singapore Equity Model Portfolio
  • Explore top performing funds based on your risk profile
  • Get customised research related to your portfolio holdings
  • Receive regular market outlook updates from DBS’s Chief Investment Office and Group Research
Of course, you might ask what the difference is between DBS’s research and insights versus others.

First, it’s backed by DBS’s investment house view. Their investment ideas provide you with a trusted guide to make smart decisions without adding to your mental load.

Second, the insights are actionable and customised to you. It’s based on your portfolio, risk profile, and gaps you might have, so you can manage your portfolio and rebalance your assets in real time, through their intelligent alerts.

DBS Wealth Management Account

Your Wealth Management Account with DBS Treasures features a separate budget for your investments and daily expenses so you don’t get confused as to where your money’s going.

Why do you require a separate account, you ask?

It helps you get clearer on the performance of your investments, manage your investment cash flow, and allows you to review your portfolio at a glance.

The account also provides a preview of all your positions that allows you to see your unrealised profit or loss without having to manually do so.

Topping up your account with funds to trade is quick and easy, meaning you get to act on an opportunity the minute you spot it.

The app also sends you timely notifications and price alerts which help you stay on top of the goings-on within the market.

Plus, make better decisions with insights and research based on your preferences and portfolio positions.

Integration with DBS Multiplier

No article about DBS will be complete without a mention on DBS Multiplier Account, which lets you enjoy higher interest rates of up to 3.00% per annum.

The idea is simple.

Credit your income (salary and/or dividends) to your DBS Multiplier Account and perform transactions via credit card spend, home loan instalments, insurance or investments to unlock higher interest rates.

Here are the interest rates as of 1 Jan 2021:

dbs chart

The good news is that when you perform buy trades in your Wealth Management Account with DBS Treasures, it would be recognised under the investments category, hence adding onto your overall eligible transactions

Using the DBS NAV Planner tool with SGFinDex

Finally, with the introduction of SGFinDex, you can now collate and track all your information from your various accounts from other banks as well as CPF, HDB and IRAS all on the DBS iWealth app.

The DBS NAV Planner can quickly let you see the big picture of your finances in one fell swoop – including gaps in insurance, investments as well as monthly expenditure. (If you’ve already downloaded the DBS iWealth app , simply find the tool under the ‘Plan’ tab.)

You can even use DBS NAV Planner’s Map Your Money feature to predict how your retirement in the future might look like and decide if you need to further increase your sources of income.

It is so comprehensive, that it even adjusts for inflation, and takes into account your CPF payouts when you reach your retirement age! 


With all these tools at your disposal, DBS Treasures offers a wealth of control and convenience in your hands.

All this means you’ll have more time to focus on the things that matter: your friends, family, business and relationships.

Join DBS Treasures today.

For details, click on https://www.dbs.com.sg/treasures for more information.