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Revez Corp eyes 5G, extended reality and digitalisation to drive growth

Emelia Tan
Emelia Tan • 8 min read
Revez Corp eyes 5G, extended reality and digitalisation to drive growth
Our business is more than just a service or being a solutions provider, we see ourselves as a long-term technology partner.
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1. What notable developments can investors expect from Revez in the medium term?

Revez Corporation, led by deputy chairman and CEO Victor Neo, provides business services related to multimedia, ICT, Deep Tech such as AI and Internet of Things (IoT), industrial automation, cybersecurity, and MICE support, and have been involved in projects across the Asia-Pacific region.

Our focus for the medium term is on improving profitability and cash flows to deliver sustainable value for our stakeholders across all our developments in the pipeline. We remain committed to R&D and continue to sharpen our niche in delivering seamlessly integrated technology solutions to create long term value for our clients.

We place emphasis on developing innovative solutions that are scalable and flexible, enabling our clients and strategic partners to build a robust digital ecosystem. We will also actively forge strategic alliances to enhance our service offerings and add more expertise to our portfolio. With 5G network gaining traction and cybersecurity a growing priority across public and private sectors, Revez’s subsidiaries will continue to work with partners and clients in advancing their digital agenda.

2. Can you elaborate on your two-pronged growth vision? What key milestones have you achieved over the past year?

Employees are our key assets and it is important that they upgrade their skills and are well equipped with the relevant knowledge and skillsets to keep up with latest trends and solutions. We also partner academic institutions to recruit top talents in the field.

We believe in engaging industry stakeholders to broaden our in-house capabilities. An example is our participation in the Intangible Disclosure Evaluation and Audit Scheme (Ideas) pilot launched in February via the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and Singapore Exchange (SGX). The programme enabled us to concretise our capabilities in protecting intangible assets.

We have established various partnerships over the past few months. For example, our joint venture in industrial automation helped us enter new markets and segments in the industrial automation space. Our exclusive distributorship of cybersecurity products also drives steady financial gains for us. In the long term, we will also look to value-accretive M&A opportunities.

3. You have highlighted four broad industry verticals the group plans to deepen investments in — multimedia immersive experiences, industrial automation, cybersecurity, and experiential marketing. Can you elaborate on the strategy for these four segments?

We have an overarching corporate strategy, which will focus on two aspects to drive growth and revenue in the four verticals:

• One aspect is the continuous augmentation of our existing capabilities to deliver higher-value services for our clients. We aim to design more innovative tech solutions to support our clients’ digitalisation process. Covid-19 has disrupted operations across businesses and driven demand for digital solutions such as AI and IoT. These are solutions that we provide within our business units.

• Another aspect is to coordinate across our core strengths in technology and digital solutions. We help our clients adopt a user-centric approach and provide an efficient platform where they can map out an all-rounded technology framework to optimise their operations and processes. Due to the complexity and diversity of businesses, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We have to work collaboratively with our knowledge and technical knowhow such as analysing user experience, software and hardware design, automation, AI and multimedia content delivery.

4. How will inorganic strategies play a role in the group’s growth and expansion drive?

We are constantly on the lookout, both locally and globally, for companies with value-creation potential and scalable functions. Through M&As, our portfolio can be expanded quickly to gain access to a larger market share. The right deal structure with shared vision and synergy will propel growth in the right direction for the company. The nature of our business allows us to quickly internalise diverse business needs and apply our technology across different industries and use cases.

5. Revez announced its participation in the Intangible Disclosure Evaluation and Audit Scheme (Ideas) programme to quantify its intangible assets. Can you elaborate on the rationale behind this move and how it will contribute to the group’s growth?

Despite being in a knowledge-driven economy, intangible assets such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, algorithms and data are often overlooked and undervalued by business owners. We pride ourselves on an intellectual property (IP)-centric business approach where solutions are designed and protected for each client.

We strongly believe that these assets should be actively managed and guarded as a business strategy. Participating in the Ideas programme enables us to undergo a subsidised intangible assets evaluation and audit process to realise the full value of our assets in order to communicate it clearly to stakeholders. With this process in place, our company can continue to create revenue streams, build investor trust and yield business value, with IP being an enabler.

6. Technology has been touted as one of the industries benefiting from Covid-19 due to the acceleration of digitalisation and work from home trends. Has Revez seen any positive impact?

Covid-19 has been an accelerative force for technology adoption and advancement. There is higher demand for contactless and virtual solutions across industries such as events and attractions. An example is the immersive virtual tour of “Small Big Dreamers” exhibit we designed for National Gallery Singapore, which instantly brings visitors to an experiential landscape with dynamic elements.

The pandemic also prompted companies to re-evaluate their operational productivity and digitalise, which presents a good opportunity for Revez to help companies shift towards business digitalisation. As one of the leading players in business automation, our R&D arm has pioneered solutions that are resilient, operationally ready and seamless, reshaping perceptions of business functions which are traditionally regarded as repetitive, mundane and labour-intensive.

With more users accessing shared networks, cybersecurity has become a priority for many companies. We partnered with Stellar Cyber, developer of the world’s first and only Open eXtended Detection and Response (XDR) platform, which is a new Security Operations Center (SOC) concept that has enabled us to provide comprehensive cybersecurity for our customers, increasing productivity and lowering operational costs.

7. Technology is rapidly changing. What are the tech trends shaping the group’s business in the coming decade?

5G The gradual deployment of 5G network paves the way for us to apply advanced technologies to capture and create more value for enterprises and individuals. For example, the faster speed and enhanced connectivity will push 5G-immersive AI solutions, which we have already achieved breakthroughs in.

Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) With new opportunities to explore, immersive media continues to play a crucial role in the future of brand experiences. We believe more companies will leverage extended reality to engage their audience.

Digitalisation It has become vital for public and private sectors to recognise that company operations, data, technology and governance structures will need to digitalise in order to remain relevant. Through the years, we have a good grasp of different objectives and business models which makes us competent in crafting digital roadmaps optimised for cost savings and enhanced productivity.

8. What are the factors critical to the Revez’s success in this extremely competitive landscape?

We believe it is critical to stay on top of trends, hire the right talent and invest in R&D constantly. This will help us maintain our competitive edge using creative solutions with seamless integration into business processes and reliable service delivery.

Another factor is staying true to our core values of loyalty and commitment. We strive to be transparent, responsive and accountable to our clients, partners and vendors. Since 2010, we have established a network as well as long-standing working partnerships with our wide range of CreativeTech solutions, giving us the advantage to venture into new business areas.

9. What can investors, partners and customers expect from Revez going forward?

We believe Revez is well poised to enable companies to transform quickly and efficiently. We will broaden our focus to develop more tech-enabled solutions and maximise value for our clients. It is imperative that these solutions are adopted seamlessly and intuitively to support companies in their transformation and digitalisation.

We will also align our portfolio to ensure that our businesses secure sustainable profits and build recurring income streams. Each of our current segments has established a strong competitive position and is generating cash flow in a sustained manner.

Concurrently, we are also working with different stakeholders in tandem with Singapore’s Smart Nation’s initiatives. In the coming months, we will forge more strategic alliances to improve profitability and capital efficiency. We remain focused on leading innovative, constructive disruption across the entire value chain, creating more sustainable, agile and productive business models.

10. What might investors have overlooked about Revez’s business?

Our business is more than just a service or being a solutions provider, we see ourselves as a long-term technology partner. Our proven track record in government projects provided a strong foundation with recurring returns.

Meanwhile, we constantly review our portfolio to better serve our clients from the consultative kick-off to experiential design, production, implementation, maintenance and modification. This is part of our highly unique value proposition of being an innovation-led company that can digitalise the entire value chain, capturing end-to-end dollar spending.

In addition, we believe we have demonstrated our resilience through different cycles of economic situations and technology advancements. Our vision remains bridging people and technology to optimise business efficiencies and unlock higher value for human-driven work.

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