SINGAPORE (April 5): MyWork Global today launched its new mobile application called mywork as part of its efforts to facilitate job matching in Singapore’s gig economy –  where businesses often rely on temporarily staff or freelancers to produce work on a per-project or contract basis.

The mywork app is currently available for download on the Apple AppStore as well as on Google Play at no charge for consumers, and for an initial fee of $9.90 for businesses.  

In a release on Wednesday, MyWork Global says the app has already achieved 35,000 downloads as of April 2017, and currently sees the highest demand from businesses in the retail, events, and food & beverage (F&B) sectors.  

The app includes a jobs bank of over 250 businesses with hourly rates and wages; a reviews-and-ratings system with past records of job performance; a messaging feature for businesses to directly contact the job seeker; and a nudge feature where notifications can be sent to highly-rated job seekers to invite them to take up a gig.

Businesses currently registered on the app platform include Pets Station, The Prestige Planners Pte Ltd (Manulife Financial Advisers Pte Ltd) and Monster Curry, among others.

MyWork Global is a homegrown on-demand jobs platform which also offers heavily-subsidised training to job seekers in partnership with its official training partner, Mendaki Sense. The company was founded by its CEO Rebecca Chiu, who also established a F&B concept café in Singapore, Soi 55.

As a member of the Singapore Centre of Social Enterprise (raiSE), it also works in partnership with NTUC U Live on training and advocacy initiatives, and is supported by the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SMCCI) and SME Centre on the same.

“There is clear potential for both job seekers and businesses to benefit from a liquid workforce. Lower fixed costs and better task allocation for businesses, and improved productivity, flexibility and satisfaction for job seekers,” comments Chiu on the launch of mywork.

She adds that with this milestone comes newer app developments in the pipeline, comprising auto-generated pay-slips with the inclusion of employer CPF contribution calculations, as well as a record of the sum total of monthly payments.  

“Over time, we envision mywork to be the go-to on-demand jobs platform not only within our focus sectors, but also specialised occupations like photographers, writers, even designers and programmers,” says Chiu.