SINGAPORE (Feb 8): 76.1% of Singapore’s hiring companies surveyed for’s Asia Job Opportunities Report were in search of executive job applicants at the regular position level in 2016, especially in the fields of finance and marketing.

The Ministry of Manpower on Tuesday released data which indicates that nearly half of all job vacancies in 2016 were for professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs).

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Asia Job Opportunities Report is said to be the first of its kind to survey job boards across markets, and presents job openings by industry as a percentage of the total number of jobs available. This year’s edition was conducted in end-2016, and compiled comprehensive data from the cities of Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai.

According to, the online resource which targets the global expatriate audience, the human resources (HR) industry has the highest overall vacancy proportion in Singapore at 14.1% of all companies surveyed, and is incidentally at the top of the global top hiring industry list as well.

A majority 54% of Singapore’s listed HR positions were, however, at the entry level – as compared to 33.9% of vacancies for regular position levels in the industry.  

Finance (12.7%) and Sales & Marketing (12.5%) were the next among Singapore’s top three hiring industries at second and third place respectively, both offering significantly higher proportions of regular position level jobs at 52.3% and 47.1% in their respective fields.  

“The internal relocation and external attraction’s demand on senior or management positions are mostly coming from HR, as well as finance and banking, especially in niche roles such as compliance, risk and audit,” comments the regional director for Hudson Singapore, Alena Salakhova.

“The majority of projects we work on are coming from replacements; though it is not the case for technology, governance, and sales, where demand is from newly-created jobs,” she adds.

Overall, Mumbai’s technology industry and Hong Kong’s finance sector dominate the job market globally, while senior-level and management positions remain available in countries such as Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo.

“Our survey highlights that there is still room for optimism given the encouraging opportunities for career development in certain industries across Asia. This is largely thanks to the collective commitment by Asian governments to push ahead with reforms to restructure the region’s economies and build up workforce capabilities for sustainable growth,” says Sébastien Deschamps, CEO and founder of

“This all means great news for job seekers in the New Year - particularly for experienced individuals in technology which is looking to be a game changer, and a space benefiting from planned long-term investment, for businesses and finance in Asia,” he opines.

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