SINGAPORE (Nov 21): Best World International has been recognised by China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) as the latest addition to the list of direct selling companies in China on its website, says the group in a release last Thursday.

This authorises the group to conduct direct selling in Hangzhou city.

To recap, Best World’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Best World (Zhejiang) Pharmaceutical Co. (BWZ), was granted a direct selling license by MOFCOM in July this year – but was not permitted to commence direct selling until BWZ had set up the requisite service centres in Hangzhou city within six months of Jun 7.

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Under the direct selling business model, Best World says it will convert the networks of spas and salons into distributors and service centres of Best World’s products, and expects to carry out the conversion in several phases.

The group says it also intends to expand the geographical coverage of its direct selling licence to other regions of China.

“Our growth momentum in China as seen by higher export sales every quarter underscores the strong branding we have established for ourselves in the market,” says the group’s CEO and managing director, Dora Hoan.

“This recognition would further motivate our distributors. Having laid all the groundwork well ahead, we are confident of capitalising on the growth opportunities,” she continues.

Doreen Tan, Best World’s co-chairman and president, adds that the group intends to drive membership growth by conducting more marketing activities as well as introducing new products and services for the benefit of its customers in China and key markets of the group.

Shares of Best World closed 2.6% higher at $1.38 on Friday.