ISE Foods Holdings (IFH), Japan’s top egg producer, has received in-principle approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to construct a commercial egg farm on around 10 hectares of land in Singapore.

The farm, which is Singapore’s fourth, comprises a commercial egg farm, a day-old-chick (DOC) hatchery, a parent stock pullet farm, and a parent stock layer farm.

The integrated egg production facility will be developed in phases from the first quarter of 2023. The farm is expected to begin operations in 2024.

According to IFH, the facility will boost local egg production to contribute to Singapore’s goal to produce 30% of the country’s nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030.

Upon its completion, the farm will have the capacity to produce 360 million eggs.

“The introduction of the integrated egg production facility will significantly boost Singapore’s resilience in egg production and thereby strengthen its overall food security. In addition, with regard to the global problem of securing stable supplies of feed, we have begun collaboration with research institutes in the research and development of safe, secure and high-quality feed in Japan, and we plan to export these grain materials to Singapore as well,” says Tsukino Yoshikawa, CEO of IFH. “We want to do our best to contribute to the people of Singapore as a sustainable egg farm.”

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Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment adds, “IFH has made significant strides following the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) with SFA last September. It is exciting to see IFH’s pioneering efforts to design facilities with circularity in mind, and leverage technology to produce more with less.”

“I hope these efforts will inspire more farms to invest in solutions that will enable them to contribute to Singapore’s 30-by-30 goal in a productive, climate-resilient and sustainable way. I look forward to IFH’s opening in 2024,” she continues.

IFH includes Mainboard-listed Ellipsiz and Vertex Holdings as some of its shareholders.

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“Through the investment in IFH, Ellipsiz would be playing an instrumental role towards the incremental production of locally supplied eggs as well as facilitating the government’s 30-by30 target,” says Ellipsiz CEO Kelvin Lum.

“As a home-grown company, it is all the more meaningful for us to contribute to the nationwide movement towards enhancing Singapore’s food sustainability and security. Leveraging ISE Japan’s expertise in egg production, which coupled with the deployment of IFH’s state-of-the-art technologies, will enhance the farm’s supply of high quality and nutritional eggs for our local consumers to enjoy,” Lum adds.

Chua Kee Lock, CEO of Vertex Holdings and managing partner of Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India says, “We are excited to unlock this significant milestone with IFH and move forward with the building of ISE’s integrated system in Singapore supported by advanced and proprietary technologies. With ISE Foods’ expertise and strong track record, we believe that the IFH team will be able to contribute positively to Singapore’s 30-by-30 goal as well as provide the local consumers with high quality eggs.

Shares in Ellipsiz closed at 29.5 cents on Oct 21.

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