About Us


The Edge Singapore was established in 2001, a sister company to The Edge Malaysia. The publication has been editorially independent since its inception and we believe that the public is best served when they have recourse to different, fair, accurate and balanced news.


Why Singapore?

Singapore, striving to be the leading financial and investment centre of the region, is undoubtedly one of the strong economic pillars in Asia. Due to the financial crisis and shakeout in Asia, the scope for a niche media with a strong Asian outlook and identity is required and Singapore proves to be a strategic location for current news and information.



The Edge Singapore published and launched its first issue on 4 March 2002.

Since then, the publication stands as the only weekly local newspaper that gives readers an in-depth and analytical coverage on business and investments within Singapore and across the region.


Entering today’s digital world

When the Global Financial Crisis hit the world in 2008, The Edge Singapore decided that it was time to bring news online.

The publication saw that the business and investment news that were published each week are relevant to more than just the readers in Asia but to all ends of the earth - where the crisis hits, where the news is required.


The New Era

In 2018, a new direction was formed.


“Driving Conversations, Inspiring Change”


Broadening the scope of reporting and analysis from just business and investments to include news and views on social issues and pertinent topics that reflect the opportunities and challenges of the day.

It is important to note that financial services and investing do not exist in a vacuum. The shifts in the broader economy and markets are driving social, economic and political change, which in turn is impacting the way decisions are made at all levels.

Against that backdrop, The Edge Singapore is set to look beyond the numbers for what makes society function, especially in these changing times. It involves taking a harder look at socio-economic issues.

Ultimately, as an independent news organisation and members of society, The Edge Singapore has a responsibility to be part of sustainable socio-economic development.

More than a newsroom

At the end of the day, at The Edge Singapore, it is more than just a newsroom that brings our readers fair, accurate and balanced news.


It’s a place where the editors and writers come together to discuss and debate on topics and stories that are most relevant to the hearts of our readers.


Frequently asked questions


Where are you located in Singapore?

Right in the heart of the buzz where information and news are released at every corner of the street, especially during the lunch hour - 380 Jalan Besar, the 16th floor where the view is great.


Why do you charge for your papers?

Let’s be honest - how else do you distinguish news and quality news?

With every piece of news, a reader ought to question the reliability, credibility and whether there’s any bias.

At The Edge Singapore, we carry that load for you. Our papers are not free because we are not backed by any organization, business or government.

Our news is fair, accurate and balanced. Don’t take our word for it - read it for yourself.


Can I be a part of this (amazing) team?

Not in the business of flattery but it’s something we’ve been asked quite often - drop us a message here.