Management & Corporate Governance

TEE International's ex-CEO Phua Chian Kin to give up control with share sale

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): Phua Chian Kin, the former CEO of TEE International, has signed a term sheet to sell 150 million shares he held in the company at 6 cents per share, or $9 million.


Growing constraints

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): On the roof of the recently opened Funan Mall is a budding urban farm.


Hong Kong's stock exchange will not find love in London

SINGAPORE (Sept 16): The audacious bid by Hong Kong’s stock exchange for its London rival is likely to fail — and that is no bad thing.


Google and Facebook can't count on consumers saving them

(Sept 11): The scrutiny of giant technology companies and the inevitable anxiety that follows are now so commonplace that they have become rote.


Iskandar Malaysia: Vision versus reality

SINGAPORE (Sept 9): It did not take long for pundits a decade ago to conclude that the key to Iskandar Malaysia’s success would be Singapore’s participation.

Capital markets

Corporate bosses soften shareholder value focus amid calls for accountable capitalism

SINGAPORE (Sept 9): Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, found himself in a difficult position during a hearing with the US House Financial Services Committee in April.


Is Peloton the Netflix or Apple of fitness?

SINGAPORE (Sept 9): What would you be willing to pay for happiness?

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Be informed of the stories that matter