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SHANGHAI/HONG KONG (July 3): Chinese stocks tumbled again on Friday, taking the week's losses to...
KUALA LUMPUR/BANGKOK/SINGAPORE (July 3): Prime Minister Najib Razak slammed a newspaper report that...
BEIJING (July 3): A strong earthquake hit a rural part of China's far western Xinjiang region on...
BANGKOK/SEOUL (July 3): An Omani man who became Thailand's first case of Middle East Respiratory...
(July 3): Emerging Asian currencies will weaken in the months ahead due to expectations the U.S....


Symbol Price Valuation Fundamental
ASIAPLY (+ve) 0.630 0.50 0.55
KIMHIN (+ve) 1.980 2.60 2.50
TALIWRK (+ve) 3.000 2.40 1.30
JERASIA (+ve) 0.990 1.70 0.80
NCB (-ve) 3.600 0.80 2.05
XIANLNG (-ve) 0.600 0.90 1.35
EZRA 0.155 2.10 0.80
KTL GLOBAL 0.171 2.00 0.60
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Valuation Score

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Fundamental Score

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Last updated: 10 July 2014


Symbol Price Date / Time
MPI 6.730 2-7-15
Tong's Value Investing Portfolio buys stocks first highlighted here. For more, read this week's The Edge Malaysia.

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